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Happiness machine, yeahhh !!

Just great, made me smile :))


Welcome, genuises!

Ever wonder where big ideas come from? If you’re a fan of LEGO bricks, eureka moments, or guys with odd mustaches, you really should see this. Great ideas just CL!CK.

Check out the site :

Chupa Chups 18+

A concept by Moscow-based creative studio Firma, the Chupa Chups 18+ Lollipop is a new interpretation of the popular lollipop for adult boys and girls. With the new funky, audacious and intimate design, the three newly design 18+ lollipops are given name such as BDSM, Fetish and Toys- truly represent the shape of each corresponding lollipop.
Now the well-known lollipops recall whips, collars and other not childish entertainments. Will be a hit if go into production. And probably like beer, only adult can buy it.

Watch Your Stress

An interesting concept with this watch of Gavari Design which makes it possible to post the state of stress of the person who carries it. The watch uses the heart rate and illustrates it with several graphs. A kind of bracelet, with color screen, which makes it possible to control its activity.

Green and blue indicate the calm one, while pink and red the stress indicates.

Hopside Down

Glug your beer right from the bottle, even if your wife is appalled… Cheers! Bottoms up!

Design: Dima Komissarov, Mystake Ltd. Produced by Fred&friends


Released at EUROBIKE on September 2, 2009, the “YikeBike” by the Kiwi design team is a radical electric bicycle that just weighs 9.8 kilograms and folds to 67×56×12 cm to fit in a backpack. Featuring a small powerful 1.2 kW electric motor and controller that replaces chain pedal, gear box, mechanical brake, cables or levers, the YikeBike is gonna be the first bicycle on the market with electronic anti-skid brakes.

Intended for city journeys of up to 9km, the bike is capable of reaching a top speed of 20km/h, thanks to the high power brushless electric motor. The price for the first YikeBikes will be between €3,500-€3,900. Check

Typographic soap

Lovely typographic soap at fredflare.