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Lukasz Murgrabia

Lovely works of the photographer Lukasz Murgrabia in his portfolio on line. Currently based in Warsaw in Poland, it has many customers with his credit like the advertising agencies Young & Rubicam, Euro RSCG or Ogilvy. Check out.


Thirteen Queens

Alex Gertschen and Felix Meier from Switzerland are the name behind alexandfelix. “Thirteen Queens”  is their latest work: an universe presided over by fantastical queens, everyone with rules and a symbolic value. This poetic point of view express an unique style.

“Without the use of computers, Alex and Felix hand make every detail of these images in a multi-faceted process that is both painstaking and impassioned.

Check the other queens at

Pulp Art Book

Pulp, a collaboration between photographer Neil Krug and super model Joni Harbeck. The project started out as a Flickr page, that got so much attention Krug decided to expand upon it and publish a book due out in August.

PULP ART BOOK commercial

Animated Gifs create 3D Effect

Jaime Martínez is a photographer living in Mexico City. His website can be viewed here, and the image at top are from a collection posted at ffffffftttt.

Also check out Three Frames and Gesticulation project for more animated photo gifs.

10x Scene360 illusion

We Have Band

An interesting evolution of music video.  Composed from 4,816 stills, all of which are apparently being uploaded to We Have Band’s Flickr, “allowing people to re-edit the sequence as they see fit in order to make their own video…

Chris Scarborough

Chris Scarborough specializes in reinterpreting Japanese pop culture in a kind of manic way. He alternates between photography and illustration, creating realistic characters with freakish bugged eyes, or chaotic balls of debris in place of heads.

Faces of the favelas

The French artist JR first made his mark in Rio de Janeiro last year, as giant posters of staring eyes started appearing on buildings in the city’s oldest favela. Take a tour of the city with the artist himself, and meet the people who inspired him.