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Puma Pitcrew

GBH has built a Ferrari Grand Prix car out of designer gear – with the help of 1,500 T-shirts and 88 pairs of jeans.
The full size replica of the Formula One car Kimi Raikkonen is driving this season has gone on show in at the Puma store in London’s Carnaby Street.
It took a team five hours to turn the T-shirts and jeans – together with 20 belts, 26 pairs of shoes and baseball caps – into a model of the 200mph racer.
Jason Gregory from GBH said: “It looks effortless when you see it but it took weeks of careful planning to turn a pile of clothes into a finely-tuned machine

“We are not sure if it would pass stringent F1 safety tests but it definitely looks sexy.”


Karl Who?

Karl Lagerfeld with his eco “Karl Who?” bag designed by Naco – Paris

Typography Necklaces

An excellent allied selection of collars and jewels to an elegant work on the typography. Sold on the Etsy online shop. I want them!

Lacoste Ibiza

“The 80s revival wave has swept the cobwebs off many brands, including the quintessentially preppy Lacoste. Gone are the pretty pastels and tennis whites – enter graphic, techno prints as exemplified in their new ‘Ibiza’ range of neon colored trainers. Inspired by pixellated graphics, the graduated-print collection is sure to become a must-have amongst all self respecting creative types.” Lisa Evans

Source: The Cool Hunter


Jewelry for all egos, beagles and bagels. By KidViskous

Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture


Louis Vuitton will soon be releasing a book, giving you a detailed look into the various collaborative projects that the brand has been involved in. Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion And Architecture will also come in limited edition Takashi Murakami version.

The book offers, for the first time in the luxury brand’s history, a critical selection of the creative exchanges forged between Louis Vuitton and a growing number of designers from the worlds of art, architecture, design, photography and fashion. This richly illustrated anthology is supplemented by critical essays that analyse and shed new light on Louis Vuitton’s commitment during one of the most fertile periods of contemporary creation. Written by international critics from the world of art, fashion and architecture, this work, stretching over 400 pages and illustrated with 400 colour documents, will be released in three languages – French, English and Italian – and will be available in bookshops, published respectively by de La Martinière, Rizzoli NY and Rizzoli Italia.

A deluxe edition exclusively designed for Louis Vuitton by Takashi Murakami will be for sale in Louis Vuitton stores and on from September 1st 2009.