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The evolution of cell phones represented as matryoshka dolls. From old and large to new and small, British designer Kyle Bean has done something cool.


Typography Necklaces

An excellent allied selection of collars and jewels to an elegant work on the typography. Sold on the Etsy online shop. I want them!

55DSL x Dim Mak x Ferrino Survival Kit

Summer has finally arrived and this year you will probably survive the next summer festival (Did someone say EXIT?).

Be a happy (and stylish!) camper this summer with the 55DSL x Dim Mak x Ferrino Survival kit. Created in collaboration with Los Angeles-based record label and lifestyle brand Dim Mak, and renowned Italian tent manufacturer Ferrino, this ultra cool tent will make camping feel like the ultimate inspirational experience.

With original packaging designed by Dim Mak’s own Turbokrapfen, the collaborative tent comes in a box along with a limited-edition 55DSL t-shirt and an exclusive Dim Mak compilation CD that will keep you rocking through this summer’s music festivals and beyond.

Thirteen Queens

Alex Gertschen and Felix Meier from Switzerland are the name behind alexandfelix. “Thirteen Queens”  is their latest work: an universe presided over by fantastical queens, everyone with rules and a symbolic value. This poetic point of view express an unique style.

“Without the use of computers, Alex and Felix hand make every detail of these images in a multi-faceted process that is both painstaking and impassioned.

Check the other queens at


Space is becoming prized commodity. The Loftcube presents rooftop living for the adventurous. The entire body of the Loftcube can be customized to the buyer’s needs. From the interior to the exterior, there are tons of options for the modernist in all of us. You’ll have to build this yourself, assembly takes about 2-4 days and the site warns that ‘on-roof’ placement via cranes or helicopters requires extra planning permission. Wow, I like it. Do you? Check the site for more info!

Designer USB flash drives

A lot of characters are available at mimoco

Evian Origine

Evian decided to create a new breakthrough event bottle to maintain its status as a trendsetter and the leading plain mineral water brand. When Evian asked Landor to develop the bottle, the challenge was double: the design needed to be beautiful enough to become a collector bottle, while also conveying Evian’s values and attributes – the Alps and the pure, mineral rich Evian water that has been flowing from there for over 8,000 years. The challenge was also technical, since a new bottle would require the creation of a special production line.

Landor capitalized on the main icon of the Evian identity, the French Alps, by making the new bottle a monolithic ice-like sculpture of a mountain. To focus attention on the beauty of the bottle and the reflections of the sculpted glass, Landor applied minimal graphics. The transparency and simplicity of the Origine bottle enhances the purity of the water it contains. A red cap adds a festive touch, typical of Evian’s youthful spirit.