Lukasz Murgrabia

Lovely works of the photographer Lukasz Murgrabia in his portfolio on line. Currently based in Warsaw in Poland, it has many customers with his credit like the advertising agencies Young & Rubicam, Euro RSCG or Ogilvy. Check out.


Happiness machine, yeahhh !!

Just great, made me smile :))

Welcome, genuises!

Ever wonder where big ideas come from? If you’re a fan of LEGO bricks, eureka moments, or guys with odd mustaches, you really should see this. Great ideas just CL!CK.

Check out the site :

Chupa Chups 18+

A concept by Moscow-based creative studio Firma, the Chupa Chups 18+ Lollipop is a new interpretation of the popular lollipop for adult boys and girls. With the new funky, audacious and intimate design, the three newly design 18+ lollipops are given name such as BDSM, Fetish and Toys- truly represent the shape of each corresponding lollipop.
Now the well-known lollipops recall whips, collars and other not childish entertainments. Will be a hit if go into production. And probably like beer, only adult can buy it.

Campari Calendar 2010

Olga Kurylenko’s Campari Calendar 2010 has officially been released, ready for your wall for the coming calendar year.  These calendars have become iconic in their own right, where each year only 9,999 are produced in a limited run to a limited audience.  This year, Campari has tapped none other than Ms. Bond herself, Olga Kurylenko.

The shoot features Olga Kurylenko, a damsel desired by men for both her charms– and her Campari.  The series ranges from bright and colorful to dark, almost film-noir-esque, with the constant flush of blood red.  The result is a strong branding statement for Campari bitters, featuring one of the decade’s more premier modeling talents.

Urban Jewelry

Belgian designer Liesbet Bussche creates jewelry for urban space. Brussche’s large-scale sculptures take on the same forms of jewelry such as earrings and necklaces. Concrete balls become pearls for earrings and warning tape
is made of woven beads.

Esther Stocker

Really nice  installations by italian born artist Esther Stocker. You can see her work here